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4front NEA2 Perennial Ryegrass

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  • Tetraploid perennial ryegrass for high performance
  • Provide long term pasture for highest productivity
  • Ideal for dairy, beef and sheep
  • Graze well into summer
  • Silage and hay production
  • Late to very late heading for retained feed quality
  • Improved performer for Bealey, Viscount

pH 4.8 – 8.0, min rain 700mm, most soil types

4front NEA2 tetraploid perennial ryegrass is a long-awaited replacement for the ground-breaking variety Bealey. Bealey has found great favour in high performance dairy and beef finishing operations, and now 4front NEA2 takes the potential for productivity to a higher level.

Breeding and thorough trialling of potential new varieties over the past 15years has now culminated with 4front NEA2 and will raise the bar for productivity in grazing systems targeting the highest possible performance.

Where to use 4front NEA2

  • Long-term pasture for highest productivity temperate systems
  • Dairy, beef cattle and sheep
  • Grazing high quality pastures well into summer
  • Silage and hay production
  • Temperate higher rainfall zone (>700mm) or irrigation
  • Tetraploid perennial component in a high-performance ryegrass/clover pasture
  • Improvement and/or replacement for Bealey, Viscount, and similar types.

Benefits of sowing 4front NEA2

  • Standout new variety to replace Bealey and Viscount
  • Improved winter and early spring feed – when it is needed most.
  • Significant winter and early spring yield improvement Bealey NEA2 and Base AR37 in 24 years’ worth of trial data. (mean of eight x three year trials, multi-year LSD (5%), CV=3.2%)
  • Late – very late heading (+18 days): retains feed quality deeper into spring
  • Ideal for rotational grazing and maximising yield potential
  • Better late spring quality and summer growth than earlier heading types.
  • Supports a high legume content through tetraploid palatability
  • NEA2 endophyte:
    • Excellent black beetle, Argentine stem weevil tolerance and good root aphid tolerance.
    • No concern for ryegrass staggers or reduced animal productivity.
    • Proven endophyte in Bealey, Impact 2, Kidman, and Rohan perennial ryegrasses.

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