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Barberia Hybrid Ryegrass

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Barberia has winter production evident in Italian ryegrass, with persistence approaching that of a perennial making it a highly versatile option for many farming systems. Selected from North African genetics, making it unique to any cultivar on the market, Barberia offers growers winter production & persistence, with good heat tolerance for summer performance & quality.

Key features

  • Fast establishment
  • Very early maturing, with low aftermath heading
  • Excellent heat tolerance & summer leaf production
  • Winter production like  Lolium multiflorum species
  • Persists for 3–5 years
  • Demonstrates palatability gains over other ryegrass cultivars
  • Endophyte free = no staggers or  heat stress

Key benefits

  •  Fast establishment and winter production means feed in first year and through winter months are maximised, reducing the costs of supplementary feed and opportunity cost in the establishment year
  • The heat tolerance of Barberia results in a productive, high quality leafy sward in summer and maximises water use efficiency of irrigation water
  • The establishment vigour & winter growth, combined with persistence makes Barberia highly versatile option in many farming systems where it can be used for over-sowing, as a short 2–3 year option or in longer term pastures 

Barberia is a unique hybrid (long rotation) ryegrass, the provides exceptional winter production, while also providing summer production in areas that experience summer  rainfall/irrigation. The heat tolerance exhibited by Barberia is evident by its summer yield and leafiness that is unlike any other ryegrass. Barberia is early flowering variety with a short over-all heading period, which allows Barberia to come quickly back into vegetative growth, if moisture is available. While Barberia offers the benefit of winter and summer production, its spring yields post heading can be lower than traditional perennial ryegrass cultivars. This means Barberia is an excellent variety in any perennial ryegrass systems with its ability to produce feed outside the standard growth curve. It has fast establishment and very good early growth providing exceptional winter feed. Barberia is very palatable and has been preferentially grazed in trials and demonstration paddocks. Highly palatable ryegrass can result in increased feed intake and add to overall animal performance. Barberia contains no endophyte and is therefore free from associated side effects including staggers and heat stress. Although Barberia has winter and spring yields like a short term  ryegrass, it will persist for 4–5 years or more, reducing the need for re-sowing. This allows Barberia to be sown as part of a permanent pasture mix, increasing first winter growth but  not allowing weeds to invade the pasture in the second or third year. 

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