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Australian Adjuvant

Be-Calm Foam Suppression Additive

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Foam suppression additive for spray and dip tanks.

BE-CALM is a special purpose foam suppression additive for use in agricultural chemical sprayers and also for use in dip tanks commonly used in the grading of pome and stone fruit. BE-CALM should be added to the tank before foam levels build to an excess, so that filling can continue.

 Active Ingredients: Polydimethylsiloxane compound

Directions for use. 

Agricultural Spray Tanks
Use rate: 20 ml / 1000 L 
Comments: For better control of foam suppression pre-diluting 1:5 water before addition to tank. 

Post Treatment
Use Rate: 1 - 2 caps full
Comments: Add at suggested rate, allow 1-2 minutes for activation of BE-CALM before adding more. 

Use Rate: 150 - 250 ml / 1000 L 

High Agitation conditions
Use Rate: 1000 ml / 1000 L
Comments: Add BE-CALM before foam levels are high

Dip Tanks for Fruit
Use Rate: 20 ml / 1000 L
Comments: Vary usage as required 

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