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Australian Adjuvant


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BioAAid MSO Spray Adjuvant will maximise the performance of horticultural and agricultural sprays by increasing droplets deposition, droplet spread and uptake into the target.

BioAAid MSO Spray Adjuvant is designed to aid the formation of uniformly sized spray droplets, to reduce water evaporation and therefore minimise drift.

BioAAid MSO Spray Adjuvant mixed sprays are rainfast, within minutes of application.

BioAAid MSO Spray Adjuvant is non-phytotoxic at recommended rates, and is compatible with most commonly applied chemicals. It can be used with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and other foliar sprays

Active ingredients: Esterified Vegetable Oil (Methylated) and Nonionic Surfactants (20%)
 For use with: Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Defoliants, Desicants

Directions for use: 

Use the lower rate when using low application rate products

Broadcare and Boom Spray
Rate: 200 ml - 1 L / 100 L water

Aerial, CDA or ULV
Rate: 200 ml - 2 L / Ha

Spraying Hand Gun (Spot Spraying)
Rate: 150 ml - 300 ml / 100 L Water

Rate: 15 ml - 20 ml / 10 L Water

Tree Orchard Plantation Spraying
Rate: (High Volume) 100 ml - 200 ml / 100 L 

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