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Boom Tank Cleaner

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Boom Tank Cleaner for cleaning of spraying equipment. 

  • Decontaminates most pesticide residues
  • Removes stains and scale deposits
  • Helps protect from corrosion
 Active constituent: 850 g/kg Sodium Tripolyphosphate, 50 g/kg Sodium Carbonate

Can be used for

Spray tanks, hoses, lines and all associated spray equipment (when sprayer is to be re-used immediately)
Rate: 120 grams per 100 L

Persistent chemicals or end of season cleanout. (Preparing sprayer for storage)
Rate: 240 grams per 100 L 

Nozzles and screens / filters
Rate: 30 grams per 10 L

Stain removal from spray equipment
Rate: 30 grams per 10 L

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