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Cutlass M Selective Herbicide

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Cutlass® M is a selective systemic herbicide containing dicamba and MCPA. Controls annual and perennial broadleaved weeds in winter cereals, pastures and turf.

Product Overview

  • CUTLASS® M herbicide is a broadleaf herbicide containing 340 g/L MCPA and 80 g/L Dicamba
  • It is registered for the control of a very broad range of dicot weeds in turf and several herbaceous weeds in general non crop situations
  • CUTLASS® M Herbicide can be used on a large number of established turf varieties
  • CUTLASS® M provides quick weed knockdown as well as being one of the broadest spectrum broadleaf weed herbicides available on the market, registered to control 23 weeds.

MCPA & Dicamba are foliar absorbed systemic herbicides that belong to the Group I Mode of Action Group. They are often termed auxin mimic herbicides because they mimic natural growth hormones, and upset the natural hormone balance in weedy species. Growth hormones regulate cell elongation, protein synthesis, and cell division. By upsetting the normal hormone balance, Auxin mimic herbicides cause unregulated plant growth.

The unregulated growth causes symptoms on susceptible plants that include growth and reproduction abnormalities (especially on new growth). Broadleaf weed species exhibit stem and petiole twisting (epinasty), leaf malformations, parallel venation, crinkling, leaf strapping, stem callus formation, and stunted root growth. Auxinic herbicides are active primarily in growing plants. Plant death is gradual, due to unconstrained mobilization of reserves, however generally symptoms are observed within 7- 14 days following application.

 Active ingredients: Dicamba 80 g/L + MCPA 340 g/L
Formulation type: SL - Soluble liquid concentrate
Size: 1L, 5L, 20L

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