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Envirodye Liquid Marking Dye

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Envirodye Liquid Marking Dye is a non-toxic biodegradable, liquid identification compound for marking turf & vegetation when using herbicides and pesticides. 

Envirodye is a liquid used to identify areas sprayed. A system that applies to all spraying situations that is a simple yet effective way of reducing costs as a result of over spraying or leaving areas untreated. 

Envirodye is ideal for use when a less intense colour is required, and the operator wants to avoid the long term staining on equipment left by Rhodamine based marker dyes. It is popular with councils, resorts, golf clubs needing to identify sprayed areas to ensure a complete clean job.

Envirodye is effective as a warning signal that alerts citizens in public places that pesticides have been applied.

Envirodye is available in Blue & Red colours

 Red Dye Active ingredients: 280 g/L Diazo Dyestuff 
Blue Dye Active ingredients: Sulphonated Aromatic Acid Dye 90 g/L 
Sizes: 5L, 20L 

 Envirodye Red Liquid Marking Dye: 

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Envirodye Blue Liquid Marking Dye: 

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