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Falcon Forage Brassicas & Herbs

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Forage brassicas are useful for extending the growing season when other forages may be less productive or lower feed quality. Falcon is a quick maturity rape/turnip hybrid cross. These are also known as leafy turnips. It will grow a small bulb with high leaf yields. Falcon will provide quick feed, often in 6–8 weeks, and with good grazing management can offer multiple grazings. Leafy turnips can be sown from September to April.

Key features
• Graze in 6 – 8 weeks
• 10 –15% yield advantage over older varieties
• Improved early vigour
• High stock acceptance and improved palatability
• Excellent recovery from grazing

Key benefits
• Quick feed: Suits sowing from early spring to mid-autumn
• Excellent companion plant for spring or autumn sown annual forages
• A break crop as part of a pasture renovation program
• May be used in a mix with other species for specific outcomes, although has excellent feed quality attributes when sown as a sole variety
• Very suitable for dairy, finishing and extensive sheep and cattle enterprises

Using Falcon Hybrid Leafy Turnip
Suited to no-till and cultivated sowing. Can utilise similar herbicide techniques as per conventional rape; pre-emergence options may be useful in some circumstances. Fertiliser requirements are similar to that for other brassica forages. A sowing depth of 5 to 10mm is recommended. Sowing deeper than 20mm may result in slower or reduced emergence.

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