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Australian Adjuvant

Gibbraltar Growth Regulator

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For foliar spray application as a stimulant for winter growth in pasture as per the Directions for Use. 

 Crop: Pasture - Grass Dominant 

Rate/100L (of water): 40 - 80 ml/ha

Active ingredients: Gibberellic acid (GA3) 

Directions for use

Apply in water. Note: 10 mL product per 100 L = 10 ppm active ingredient. Do NOT allow the solution to stand for more than 24 hours

To stimulate winter growth of grass dominant pasture for high intensity grazing. Apply in a minimum volume of 100 L/ ha with a nonionic wetting agent such as Supa-wet 1000 Wetting Agent at 10 mL/100L. Stimulation is dose dependent with higher rates giving greater stimulation.

A single application may be made to temperate grass dominant pasture at any time from the beginning of June until early September. Multiple applications can be made at a minimum interval of 27 days with final application no later than early September.

Ensure pasture is grazed before application. Gibbraltar is foliar absorbed so ensure that pasture has adequate leaf coverage prior to application. Growth stimulation is usually seen within 7 days of application and ceases around 3-4 weeks after application.

Responsive grasses usually become yellow-green in colour as the rapid growth occurs. The pasture returns to a normal darker green after about 3 weeks. Pastures should be at least 1 year old prior to Gibbraltar application. Ensure adequate soil moisture to support rapid plant growth. Soil fertiliser levels have to be sufficient to allow for the increase in pasture production.

 Sizes: 1L, 10L, 20L



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