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Governor AR1 Perennial Ryegrass

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• Diploid mid-flowering (+6 days) perennial ryegrass
• Replaces Arrow perennial ryegrass
• Excellent productivity
• Versatile in many environments
• AR1 endophyte: no staggers, suitable for low insect
pressure applications and horse pastures.

A suitable endophyte for many medium to high rainfall
farming situations. It provides very good resistance to many
insects, and good persistence in many regions when matched
with superior ryegrass varieties. AR1 also gives excellent
animal performance and health with no chance of ryegrass
staggers. This endophyte may not be suitable for areas where
black beetle is a problem.

 Minimum annual average rainfall (mm): 600+ mm
pH range: 4.8 - 8.0
Preferred soil types: Most soil types
Type: Mid-season diploid