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Leafmore Forage Brassicas & Herbs

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A hybrid type forage brassica, Leafmore produces high yielding dry matter and has a good leaf to stem ratio. It can be autumn, winter or spring sown, providing an ideal forage and rotation option. Leafmore is highly palatable and depending on conditions, 10–12t Dm/ha of production is possible within one season. It demonstrates a good cold tolerance and excellent regrowth after grazing. When sown in spring, can grow for 18 months.

Key features
• Early maturity 8 – 10 weeks to first grazing
• Vigorous establishment and high yielding, capable of producing 12,000 kg/DM/ha if moisture allows
• Excellent re-growth for 4 or more grazings
• Multi stemmed with semi erect growth habit
• Suitable for autumn and spring sowing
• High forage quality with good leaf to stem ratio
• Superior cold growth habit and frost tolerance
• Cross between Winfred and Emerald

Key benefits
• Produces very high dry-matter forage crops that are high energy and protein
• Ideal for lamb-finishing in summer as other pasture feed quality declines
• Ability to graze multiple times
• An ideal break crop for before planting a permanent pasture (e.g. Phalaris)

Pest Resistance
Like any brassica, establishment pests such as red legged earth mites, lucerne flea and cockchafer can be a problem. Barenbrug recommends the use of Gaucho Insecticidal seed dressing to offer 2–3 weeks protection from time of sowing. Careful monitoring is also required to ensure abnormal pressure or attacks do not occur outside the protection window. Once temperatures warm up and the plant reaches grazing maturity, diamond back or cabbage moth (Plutella) can cause severe defoliation. Due to their rapid lifecycle, careful monitoring, strategic grazing and timely insecticide application can assist. SP insecticides (E.g. Sumi AlphaFlex) are registered and work better when coupled with higher water rates, spraying later in the day and using feed additives. For severe infestations Bt insectides (E.g. Success & Mimic) achieve better results. Observe all label recommendations and stock withholding periods.

Soil Type
Leafmore, like most brassicas has a high fertility requirement and well prepared soil. It is suited to well drained, loamy soils through to heavy clays.

Leafmore offers greater dry matter production, time to first grazing and palatability over current varieties in the market place. Leafmore has been extensively trialled across many sites across southern Australia and consistently shows up as a superior brassica in its class.

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