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Lime-Life Organic Lime

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A high-analysis source of micronised lime combined in a free-flowing suspension with fulvic acid. Calcium is the trucker of all minerals and virtually all crops will benefit from a calcium supplement during the crop phase.


  • Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Registered Farm Input 456AI (Restricted).
  • Enhances crop quality.
  • More convenient than limestone.
  •  A “fast food” source of calcium.
  • Calcium is “the trucker” of nutrients – increasing calcium levels will also increase uptake of other elements.
  • Ideal whenever a nitrogen free calcium boost is required.

Typical Analysis W/V 

Calcium (Ca) (as carbonate): 39.37%
Magnesium (Mg): 1.05%
SG: 1.6
pH: 8.6 – 9.6
Conductivity: 4 – 15 mS/cm
Appearance: Thick, off-white/beige colour liquid, citrus odour

Lime-Life Organic™ is a “spoon feeding” option for light, sandy soils with poor retention of calcium

  • Calcium is considered one of the “Big Four” elements that should be maintained at luxury levels throughout the crop cycle.
  • Calcium is required for cell strength and optimum plant health.
  • Valuable in horticulture where constant use of NPK fertilisers may compromise calcium uptake.

 Application Rates

Foliar Spray: 

 Vegetables: 1 L per 100 L water up to 5 L/ha equivalent. Apply weekly or as required
Orchards & Vineyards: 1 L per 100 L water up to 7 L/ha equivalent. Apply every 2 – 4 weeks or as required
Ornamentals & Turf: 1 L per 100 L water up to 5 L/ha equivalent. Apply every 2 – 4 weeks or as required
Broadacre Crops: 2 – 3 L/ha in 60 – 100 L water, depending on canopy closure, apply as required
Pasture: 2 – 3 L/ha in 60 – 100 L water, apply as required
Spot-Spraying: 50 mL per 10 L water, apply as required


 Soil Ameliorant or Fertigation: 10 – 50 L/ha as required. Use higher rate for soil amelioration 
Liquid Inject: 2 – 5 L/ha. Use a minimum dilution rate of 1 part product to 3 parts water. Rate will depend on crop, row spacing & soil type. Always consider N & P crop requirements for starters based on reliable soil test data.
Home Garden Application: Dilute 45 mL per 9 L watering can and apply the diluted mix at a rate of 1 litre per square metre – this diluted mix can also be poured over foliage Repeat every 2 – 4 weeks or as required
Sizes: 15L, 800L