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Mawson Sub Clover

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Mawson is an early flowering Brachycalycinum type sub clover bred by SARDI. Mawson is suitable for long term permanent pastures in low to medium rainfall environments. Mawson has excellent long term persistence by regenerating through having higher levels of hard-seed and better seed production than other similar maturity varieties. Mawson has an intermediate growth habit with an early maturity, approx. 88 days to flowering (SA).

Key features
• High levels of hard-seed (43%) and good seed burial
• Early maturity sub clover, approx. 88 days to flowering (SA)

Key benefits
• Improved forage yield over other early-maturity subs
• Excellent long term persistence for lower rainfall environments

Suggested sowing rates
Dryland: 2–6kg/hectare in a pasture mix or blend
Lone stand: 6–10kg/ha

Agronomy and management
Seed bed preparation
It is recommended to sow following the autumn break into a fine, well prepared seed bed. Seed should be sown with a starter fertilizer and the correct inoculant applied to the seed. Alternatively AgriCote coated seed can be used which includes inoculant, fungicide, micro nutrient’s and bio stimulants to enhance germination.

Best results are achieved by direct drilling sub clover into the top 1 – 1.5cm into a fine seed bed, press wheel’s or light rolling will assist establishment in most cases. This should be avoided if the soil is hard setting.

Weed Control
As sub clover is sensitive to some post emergent broadleaf weed until established, good pre sowing weed control is vital.
Please seek the advice of your local agronomist to ensure satisfactory results.

Pest and disease resistance
As with most small seed species, establishment pests such as RLEM, lucerne flea and cockchafer can be a problem. Barenbrug recommends the sowing of AgriCote Mawson that contains Gaucho seed treatment to provide some resistance to insect pressure during initial establishment. Monitoring of insect pressure and disease (especially during establishment) should be practised, and contact your local agronomist for control advice.

Mawson has proven to be a top-yielding early sub clover that will significantly out-yield the common variety Dalkeith.

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