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Mintaro Sub Clover

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Mintaro is a white seeded Sub Clover that belongs to the family of Trifolium subterranean ssp. brachycalycinum and was derived from hybrid selections between Rosedale and other elite germplasm sources. Mintaro demonstrates a prostrate to semi erect growth habit and persists well on various alkaline soil types. It has early to mid season maturity and is suited to medium to high rainfall environments with a growing season of 6 months. Mintaro has been developed as a superior alternative to Rosedale and Clare. It has improved hard seed levels which provide protection against false breaks, better regeneration as well as excellent winter and early spring production. These attributes combine to make Mintaro suited to either permanent pasture or medium term cropping rotations. Mintaro will also provide the benefits of fixing soil nitrogen as well as providing an effective disease break.

Key features
• Brachycalycinum sub clover with mid season maturity – 114 days to flowering (SA)
• Large leaved, upright, very productive variety
• Setting a new standard in mid maturity sub clover
• High hard seed (45%) and very good regeneration
• Particularly well suited to mildly acidic to alkaline soils

Key benefits
• Quick to establish over other sub clover varieties, providing excellent feed on offer for the first graze as a companion species
• High hard seed levels will provide protection against false breaks and good pest disease resistance ensures Mintaro will be a productive, perennial component of your pasture
• Improved establishment and seasonal yield over older varieties help fill feed gaps at critical times of year

Disease resistance/tolerance
Mintaro is resistant to race 1 of clover scorch (Kabatiella caulivora) (race commonly found throughout southern Australia) and highlyresistant to race 2 (highly virulent race found in WA).

Pest resistance
Mintaro has been rated with low tolerance to red legged earth mites (Halotydeus destructor) but has shown low to moderate resistance to blue green aphid (Acyrhosiphon kondoi). Control of these insects is still recommended at the seedling and developmental stage to maximise growth and production.

Agronomy and management
Mintaro has demonstrated the ability to provide higher seed yield and hard seed levels compared to Clare and Antas in lower rainfall environments. This characteristic allows Mintaro to build up a greater reserve of seed in the soil over time, thus enhancing persistence and productivity over many years. Mintaro has demonstrated excellent winter and early spring productivity and will out produce other varieties such as Clare due to its earlier maturity. It produces very large leaves which makes it attractive to stock and provides improved levels of digestibility. Mintaro is a low oestrogenic cultivar and will not cause fertility problems for grazing livestock. Care must be taken with new sown pastures so as not to overgraze too early as plants can be pulled from the ground. Light grazing during the establishment period will help control weeds and encourage dense prostrate growth.

Mintaro was developed as a superior alternative to Clare. The variety is quick to establish and with high hard seed levels (45%) provides good regeneration and protection against false breaks. Mintaro also provides excellent winter production.

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