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Monti Sub Clover

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Monti is an Australian bred yannincum sub clover, bred as an improvement on the popular ‘Trikkala’ cultivar. It has exceptional early season growth with reliable regeneration. Monti will improve the legume content and productivity of pastures in the waterlogged areas.

Monti has a semi-prostrate growth habit. It has been selected for use in permanent or long term phase pastures. Adapted to temperate areas receiving 450–650mm annual rainfall, Monti will perform to its best where intermittent winter waterlogging occurs. Like other yanninicum cultivars, Monti is particularly well adapted to moderately acid soils (pH 4.5–7.0 CaCl2) that range in texture from sandy loams to clays.

Monti has leaf flecking unlike Trikkala. Its flower is predominantly white with slight pink venation. The white coloured seeds are relatively large (approximately 146,000 seeds/kg).

Key features
• Early-mid maturity (110 days), suitable for all areas using Trikkala
• Has better tolerance to phytophthora root rot and clover scorch disease than Trikkala
• Well suited to areas receiving an annual rainfall of 450−650 mm and prone to waterlogging

Key benefits
• More feed for livestock with improved winter growth and total season forage yield than Trikkala
• Improved disease tolerance (compared to Trikkala)
• Produces excellent early winter growth, averaging 46% more than Trikkala
• Excellent adaptation to the shorter growing seasons experienced over the last decade

Monti has been extensively tested in trials across South Australia and Victoria, demonstrating exceptional early season growth - out-yielding Trikkala, Riverina, Gosse, Napier and Larisa in almost all assessments. In field studies conducted at three sites in South-East South Australia and Western Victoria over 2 years, Monti produced 46% more early winter dry matter than Trikkala (Table 2). Increases in pasture availability at this time of year are particularly valuable.

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