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Morrow Red Clover

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Morrow red clover (Trifolium pratense) is a new and improved red clover selected for improved grazing tolerance and higher forage yield. Red-clover is a deep-rooted legume that produces excellent quality feed during both summer and autumn (season permitting). Morrow exhibits improved grazing tolerance on Tuscan cv. due to its more prostrate nature and multi-stemmed plant-type.

Key features
• Bred for high yield with improved persistence under grazing
• Improved persistence over other red clovers
• High yield as grazing and hay or silage
• Medium oestrogen levels

Key benefits
• Excellent quality feed over summer and autumn
• Suited to most farm types in high rainfall areas
• Adds significantly to hay and silage quality
• Better suited to grazing than many older red-clover cultivars

Morrow is suitable for most farm types. It performs best on free draining soils under moderate stocking rates, long summer grazing rotations or hay production. Under high stocking rates or fast summer grazing rotations its persistence is reduced.

Phyto-oestrogen levels
Disclaimer: Red clovers contain phyto-oestrogens (also known as isoflavones) which can cause reproductive issues in female livestock, especially ewes. Formononetin is the main isoflavone of concern. Care must be taken when grazing red clover with breeding stock around pre-tupping when isolflavones are at their greatest concentration, this mainly applies in the late summer and autumn periods when red clover is growing well.
Phyto-oestrogen levels vary between red clover cultivars and Morrow has been selected for relative lower levels of isoflavones compared with older red clover varieties. Morrow is rated as medium for Phyto-oestrogen levels. Care needs to be taken to avoid grazing when mating ewes or hoggets, 3–6 weeks either side of mating.

Sowing rate
Red clover is commonly sown as a component of a perennial pasture in summer dry areas, to boost summer growth and feed quality. It is often used as a specialist stand for hay or silage. Morrow should be included in pasture mixes at a rate of 3–6kg/ha.

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