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ProForce Scrubwet Penetrant Surfactant

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ProForce Scrubwet Surfactant is a non-ionic wetter, spreader, penetrant designed to improve the performance of agricultural and horticultural pesticides. It is a specialty organosilicone based surfactant, containing 1020g/L Polyether Modified Polysiloxane that specifically enhances herbicide performance and uptake on hard to kill weeds. Scrubwet is registered for use with a range of general post emergent and low volume herbicide applications, Woody weed and brush weed control operations and fungicide, insecticide, miticide and foliar nutrient spray activities. 

 Active ingredients: Polyether Modified Polysiloxane
Formulation: Soluble concentrate
Concentration: 1020 g/L
Rate/Ha: 30 - 200 ml / 100 L 


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