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Prosper Tall Fescue

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Prosper is a truly summer dormant variety with an erect growth habit and fine, soft leaves. With fast establishment and exceptional drought tolerance, Prosper is suitable to both grazing and as mown cover in summer dry regions. An excellent choice for open space areas for winter colour and summer roadside drought tolerance.

Key features
• Good alternative to phalaris in summer dry regions where Prosper's summer dormancy will aid survival
• Suitable for runoff areas around irrigated pastures for growing season production with persistence
• Ideal to be used as a mix with lucerne for a persistant pasture with year round production

Key benefits
• Good alternative to phalaris in summer dry regions where Prosper's summer dormancy will aid survival and hold plant density over summer and provide producers feed in critical times
• Ideal to be used in a mix with lucerne for a persistent pasture with year round production
• High summer dormancy reduces the need for resowing

Establishment and management
Prosper tall fescue is a deep-rooted perennial grass suited to a wide range of environments and soil types (tolerant of very acidic soils and soils prone to waterlogging). It is best suited to establishment during autumn through to mid spring. Prosper can be sown at 5–15mm. For best establishment ensure the pasture is sown into a weed free paddock, as tall fescue is a slower establishing species than annual grasses and weeds. Ideally removing the weed burden from the selected paddock should commence the previous season.
Ensure Prosper isn't grazed until plants have developed their root system to be sufficiently anchored. This can be 6-8 months depending on sowing time. Tall Fescue should be rotationally grazed for best results and to ensure the quality of the pasture doesn't decline. Prosper also exhibits rapid growth during spring, so a well established grazing rotation is recommended. Prosper has been variety of choice in numerous roadside and interrow projects in Victoria and South Australia with outstanding results and is a key component of Curator interrow plantation blend.

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