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Recover RX (3-8-15) Fertiliser with Salicylic Acid 10 Litre

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Growth Products Recover RX (3-8-15) Fertiliser  – 10 Litre

RX foliar formulation with salicylic acid, phosphite and phosphate sources

  • A blend of phosphite & phosphate
  • Important for plant growth & development
  • Induces thermotolerance (against heat shock)
  • Helps plant recover from stress damage

Recover RX is a highly soluble foliar, low salt index formulation. It is a unique blend of both potassium phosphite and phosphate sources to improve plant development and reduce susceptibility to various stresses while avoiding the development of phosphorus-deficiency symptoms.

Recover RX is rapidly absorbed into all plant tissues: leaves, stems, roots and branches. It also contains salicylic acid, which is ubiquitous naturally in all plants; abiotic and biotic stress reducer. It is involved in directing plant growth, in association with metabolism. It improves the plant's ability to survive under environmental stress such as heat, drought, salinity, cold/frost. When applied to newly seeded areas, it improves seed tolerance to cold temperatures. With dramatic increases in summer temperatures for long periods, SA activates the plant's THERMOTOLERANCE (heat shock). It is also known to reduce the toxic effect of heavy metals.