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Renovator 500+

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Hardiness, performance, summer moisture
Summer active pasture with AgriCote™ seed coating.
Rainfall: 500mm+ pH range: 4.8 – 8.0 Soil type: Wide range

Renovator® 500+ is a productive high quality permanent pasture suited to heavier soil types with good water holding capacity. Renovator® 500+ gives an optimum mix of seasonal production and persistence, and will particularly suit heavier soil types and areas that can capture some summer moisture. Ideal for year round set-stocking or rotational grazing and hay production. AgriCote™ SARDI 7 Series 2 can be included to assist spring, summer and autumn growth.

Sowing rate 18-25 kg/ha

 Variety  Species %
Fortune Summer active tall fescue 32.5
Long rotation ryegrass 15
Howlong Cocksfoot 10
Holdfast GT Phalaris 15
Denmark Sub clover 10
Antas Sub clover 10
Palestine Strawberry clover 7.6

Each bag of our Renovator range comes with a sewn in tag that states which varieties have been included in the blend and the percentage of the blend that it makes up. This gives you the confidence of knowing what has gone into the mix and that you are getting what you paid for!