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Renovator Oats & Vetch

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Rainfall: 550mm+ pH range: 4.5 – 8.0 Soil type: Wide range

Oats and vetch blend offers an excellent option for either hay or grazing in southern areas. Express oats provide yield, energy and reliable bulk. Volga vetch adds protein, improve digestibility and overall animal performance as well as aiding soil health through nitrogen fixation.

Sowing rate: 100-160 kg/ha

 Variety  Species %
Express Forage oats 70
Volga  Common vetch 30

Each bag of our Renovator range comes with a sewn in tag that states which varieties have been included in the blend and the percentage of the blend that it makes up. This gives you the confidence of knowing what has gone into the mix and that you are getting what you paid for!