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Renovator Spring Silage

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High yield silage crop (pea & oat mix)
E or AgriCote™ seed coating
Rainfall: 500mm+ pH range: 4.5-8.0 Soil type: Wide range

Spring silage blend offers an excellent later planting option for good silage production in southern areas. Usually sown from June to September in higher rainfall areas with a typically longer spring season. High yield of good quality feed may be produced from a modest area over a relatively short period. Express oats provide yield, energy and reliable bulk. Field peas add protein and improve digestibility and overall animal performance. Silage inoculation is usually advisable at harvest time. Harvest when the pea is at flat pod or the oats milky-dough, whichever is first.

Sowing rate: 120-180 kg/ha

 Variety  Species %
Express Forage oats  40
Morgan  Field pea 60

Each bag of our Renovator range comes with a sewn in tag that states which varieties have been included in the blend and the percentage of the blend that it makes up. This gives you the confidence of knowing what has gone into the mix and that you are getting what you paid for!