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SARDI 7 Series 2 Lucerne

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SARDI 7 Series 2 is the next generation in winter active lucerne. Versatility, broad adaptation and persistence make it a market leading variety. It has been bred specifically for adaption to the Australian climate and will perform well in both dryland and irrigated systems. SARDI 7 Series 2 is ranked higher for persistence than most other commercial cultivars in Australian trials.

SARDI 7 Series 2 will provide superior performance wherever SARDI 7 has been successful. This includes where persistent, high producing lucerne stands are required and in grazing situations where winter produced feed can be utilised. It is suited to direct grazing or hay and silage production and can be sown in pasture mixes or under-sown in cropping systems. In addition, SARDI 7 Series 2 will perform well in dairy, beef and sheep production systems in high rainfall zones where dormant or semi-dormant varieties have traditionally been grown. It will persist and produce more dry matter than winter or semi-winter dormant varieties delivering more feed during the winter months when feed is in demand. Through work conducted by Meat and Livestock (MLA), SARDI 7 Series 2 has shown improved tolerance to acid soils (pH >4.5Ca). Superior AgriCote technology now includes 2 strains of rhyzobia which further enhances its performance in acidic soils.

• Dual purpose, grazing and/or hay systems
• Specialist hay production in cool winter environments

Key features
• Winter Activity 7
• Excellent disease/pest package
• Broad adaptability into all Australian lucerne growing regions
• Superior establishment, growth and persistence in acidic soils down to pH 4.5Ca
• Improved tolerance to cool, wet environments
• Broad crowns and fine stems leading to high quality forage production

Key benefits
• Performs well in dairy, beef and sheep production systems in high rainfall zones
• Delivers more feed during the winter months
• Grazing tolerant due to ‘in field’ selection

Breeding History
SARDI 7 Series 2 was developed using multiple cycles of selection for persistence and yield on Australian commercial farms under a range of farming systems (cattle, sheep, hay, dryland and irrigation). This process was combined with intensive screening for reduced stem thickness and leafiness plus tolerance to bluegreen aphid, spotted lucerne aphid, anthracnose and phytophthora root rot. This makes SARDI 7 Series 2 produce high quality forage with greater persistence.

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