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Shogun NEA Hybrid Ryegrass

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Shogun is a late flowering tetraploid long rotation (perennial type hybrid) ryegrass bred from a cross between Bealey and an elite Italian ryegrass that contains the NEA endophyte. It has excellent establishment, autumn, late spring and summer production and very good winter and early spring growth for a perennial type hybrid ryegrass. The NEA endophyte contributes to its ability to persist under harsh conditions resulting in a reliable 3–4 years of production under normal conditions.

Shogun will fit into high production dairy and lamb finishing systems as a medium term, high producing late season pasture. It should reliably last for 3–4 years and has strong establishment making it an ideal option for over-sowing run down perennial pastures. It will also have a place in New South Wales regions where perennial ryegrass will only persist for two or three years, as it will produce higher yields over these short periods.

Key features

  • Late flowering tetraploid hybrid ryegrass  (+26 days, Bealey +25)
  • Very strong establishment vigour
  • High autumn, winter, late spring and summer yields
  •  High total forage yields
  • Improved persistence over other hybrid ryegrasses
  • Good rust resistance
  • NEA endophyte - safe for cattle and sheep, while providing improved insect resistance

Key benefits

  • Combines high winter growth and good summer production with quality
  • Grow more home-grown feed per ha with Shogun high-performing ryegrass
  • Ideal for oversowing into run-down perennial ryegrass stands to extend the pastures productive lifespan
  • Faster to establish than perennial ryegrass

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