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Soil Mate Amino Plex Organic Nitrogen

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What Is Soil Amino Plex? 

AminoPlex is a revolutionary Organic Nitrogen delivery technology that drives growth and increases the mineral density of your crop. 

The form of nitrogen found in AminoPlex is an enzyme digestion of plant and marine materials which creates a highly efficient method of nitrogen delivery, containing highly plant available amino acids thus saving valuable energy that the plant can then put towards increased growth. AminoPlex increases the mineral density of the plant as the amino acids power the sugar development in the plant. 

This all-new technology is rich in organic nitrogen with a Nitrogen content of 10%. This represents a new dawn in Nitrogen fertilisation for organic producers. This fertilizer is natural product without any chemicals and is a solution-based product. 

AminoPlex can be applied in targeted applications to meet crop demand at any growth stage. By being able to split applications throughout the growing season, farmers can better manage crop risk. 

Being a liquid fertiliser, AminoPlex can distribute nitrogen more evenly than solid fertilisers. 

It can be applied with selected crop protection products to save time, labour, fuel and other machinery operating costs. 

Amino Plex is also easy to use. It is a workable product suitable for liquid injection, boom spray for streaming nozzles or foliar application, and is available in a range of pack sizes. 

 Sizes: 20L, 200L, 1000L

Application Rates 
10-80 litres per hectare or as advised 

Dilution rate 
1:20 or as advised 

Store in a cool place away from sunlight Stir well before 

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 Total Major Nutrients: 


Nitrogen (N) 


Calcium (Ca) 


Potassium (K) 


With added Fulvic & Kelp