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Soil Mate Protex A

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Soil Mate Protex A & B 
Advanced Protein Synthesis 

These products have been designed to increase the pasture safety for grazing animals. 

In autumn early rainfall and warm weather will initiate rapid growth of pasture plants. This rapid growth may in turn lead to animal health issues due to high concentration of soil nitrate and low levels of magnesium. 

Issues such as bloat, nitrate poisoning, phalaris staggers, grass tetany and mastitis can be life threatening at worst and reduce growth rates and milk production at the very least. 

The addition of magnesium will help protect the grazing animal. This is generally offered as a dry lick or block along with straw for roughage to slow the rapid production of gas from ruminant bacteria produced from animals eating plants high in nitrates. 

Protex A offers farmers and graziers an opportunity to make their pasture safer to their stock and improve production. Protex A is a specifically developed magnesium supplement to spray on pasture to ensure that all the animals grazing that pasture are getting a dose of magnesium and Sulphur. 

Magnesium is a vital component of the chlorophyll molecule and it is needed for the pasture plants to function full potential and turn dangerous nitrates into valuable protein. Sulphur is also necessary for protein production. A spray application of Protex A not only protects all the animals grazing the pasture but develops more nutritious plants at the same time. These healthier plants in turn lead to better plant growth which leads to increasing soil carbon. 

Magnesium is only part of the equation in improving the quality of the pasture. There needs to be an addition of trace minerals to ensure that the production of plant sugars and nitrates convert to the essential protein needed for animal production. 

Greenmate Ag have a unique blend of trace minerals which when applied with Protex A result in advanced protein synthesis. 

This unique blend is Protex B. 

The combination of Protex A and B has many benefits over just offering a dry block or dry licks. 

  • This nutrient application is totally safe to grazing animals 
  • Every animal grazing will receive a dose of magnesium and essential trace minerals unlike the licks/blocks 
  • Reduced nitrate levels in pasture will give better growth rates and weight gain in the stock 
  • Reduced nitrate levels in pasture will lower the chance of insect attack on the pasture because insects such as Red Legged Earth Mites are unable to digest complex proteins 
  • Better chlorophyll production and healthier plants drive more animal production and increase soil carbon levels 
  • Lowering nitrate intake reduces inflammation of the animals’ gut and will prevent issues such as nitrate poisoning and bloat 

The use of Protex A and B has benefits to animal, plant, and soil. However, Greenmate Ag still encourages the use of all methods to reduce the potential of stock death. 

These methods include:

  • Controlling dangerous weeds that are known to lead to stock health issues 
  • Offering straw or roughage to improve digestion 
  • Using bloat oil if cold wet conditions continue for long periods 
  • Offering licks/blocks as well as using Protex A and B 
  • Managing pasture grazing to reduce intake of lush pasture rich in nitrates 

The suggested rates for Protex A are 10- 20L/ha and Protex B 2-5L/ha applied 2 days prior to grazing or immediately after grazing if a second application is necessary. 

Suggested Application Rates: 

Protex A: 10-20 Litres per Hectare or as advised 

 Sizes: 20L, 200L, 1000L 









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