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Soilmate Armour P.I.R. - Biological Pest & Insect Resistance - 20L

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Bacillus Thuringiensis (Kurstaki) & Abalone Fish Fertiliser

Organic Biological Formulation

Active Ingredients
Paecilomyces lilacinus, 100% Wild Harvest Australian Abalone Fish Fertiliser (*Contains at least 5.0 x 108 colony forming units per gram dry weight)

Pest Insect Resistance
Soil Mate’s Armour PI is a broad spectrum, preventative defence product for the non-chemical support of plant health in pest, insect and disease resistance. By combining natures organic biological micro-nutrients, our Armour PI provides the plant with the building blocks to build the optimal environmental conditions for the plant to thrive and resist pest insects. Our naturally occurring organic biological micro-nutrients assist the plant to naturally resist pest insects by non-toxic organic biological mechanisms without the need to apply toxic chemicals.

Soil Mate’s Armour PI is an organic biological formula that contains the naturally occurring micro-organisms Bacillus Thuringiensis combined organic fish fertiliser made primarily from abalone and other fish waste streams Soil Mate’s Armour PI is compatible with many IPM programs as it offers high quality, cost-effective, broad spectrum support for the plant to self-control pest insects across more than 200 crops, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, vines, cotton, oil palm and corn.

Soil Mate’s Armour PI unlike chemical alternatives provides distinct modes of biological actions, providing protection and support for pest insect programs which employ tank mix or rotation for resistance management. These natural biological agents contained in our Armour PI have never demonstrated cross-resistance with any chemical insecticide. Our organic biological formulation is non-toxic to pollinators and other beneficial insects which means it won’t kill off beneficial fauna.

• Organic Biological Formulation
• Chemical Free, Non-Toxic Control Solution
• Healthier Plants and Produce
• Faster safer decomposition resulting in lower exposures of pollution
• Natural Biological Protection from Organic Micro-Organisms
• Ideal for Plant supported Resistance Management
• Broad Range Plant Protection
• Ideal for In-Crop disease resistance
• Works in Tropical and Sub-tropical Climates
• High Quality and Cost Effective Solution
• Proudly Australian Made & Owned



Bacillus Thuringiensis (subspecies: Kurstaki solids spores), Fish

% 95

Other Ingredients

% 5

*Minimum of UIU 32000 per mg of product.
The percentage of active ingredient does not indicate product performance and potency.

Total Major Nutrients:


Nitrogen (N)

% 1.82

Phosphorus (P)

% 0.521

Potassium (K)

% 0.094

Sulphur (S)

% 0.225

Total Cations:


Calcium (Ca)

% 0.0697

Magnesium (Mg)

% 0.0534

Sodium (Na)

% 0.319

Total Minerals:

Copper (Cu)

ppm 6.07

Zinc (Zn)

ppm 22.2

Iron (Fe)

ppm 0.272

Manganese (Mn)

ppm 1.35

Cobalt (Co)

ppm 0.125

Molybdenum (Mo)

ppm 0.305

Boron (B)

ppm 2.08

Carbon Content:

Organic Matter

% 11.1

Organic Carbon

% 5.55

Carbon/Nitrogen Ratio

C/N 7.37

pH (1:5 Water)



Application Rates

0.75L-1.5L/Ha. For full list of application rates, refer to Application Guide.

Remember to shake very well prior to application.

 Sizes: 20L, 200L, 1000L 


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