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Australian Adjuvant

Supa-Wet OS

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A nonionic Wetter/Spreader/Penetrant for use with Agricultural Pesticides.

SUPA-WET OS is an organosilicone based surfactant containing a unique blend of various polymers. SUPA-WET OS is a highly effective wetter/spreader/penetrant. It is effective with most agricultural chemicals unless otherwise stated on label.

 Active ingredients: Polyether modified polysiloxane

Directions for use

The use rates are given as a guide only. Always follow directions of pesticide label where an organsilicone is recommended. Do not use if pesticide manufacturer prohibits surfactants.

Rate: 30 - 60 ml

Insecticides and Miticides
Rate: 30 - 60 ml

Follar micro-nutrients
Rate: 30 - 60 ml

General post emergent rate: 50 - 100 ml
General low volume rate: 100 - 200 ml
Glyphosate rate: 200 ml
Metsulfuron rate: 200 ml
On gorse/braken fem rate: 100 ml Hand Gun
On bushy/woody weeds rate: 200 ml Boom Spray

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