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HydroForce CalWet Granular

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CalWet is a granular residual surfactant formulation specifically developed for use in fine turf situations such as golf greens, tees & surrounds, bowling greens, tennis courts and finely cut fairways and sportsfields.

CalWet is a dual-purpose product and unique in that the granular carrier itself is Gypsum, which is ideal for reducing sodium accumulation in turf soils. The addition of the soil surfactant to the Gypsum granule greatly assists in the coverage, penetration and downward water movement within the soil environment. By creating improved flow of water, CalWet improves leaching performance, more effectively displacing sodium and removing it from the rootzone region.

CalWet is available in a 1mm – 2mm granular size (100200SGN). Ideal for fine cut turf.

CalWet contains 20% Calcium and 15% Sulphur.

The Soil Surfactant in CalWet is a block-co polymer (30g/kg), which are known to provide consistent residual performance up to 8-10 weeks following application (rate dependant). 

Key Features: 

  • Dual purpose product. Provides two benefits in the one application. Most granular wetting agents are on an inert carrier, providing no benefit for turf growth.
  • Low burn, gypsum based formulation that is ideal for use in renovation activities or via topical maintenance applications.
  • Relieves and prevents problems with hydrophobic soils for an extended period of time: 8-10 weeks.
  • Reduces sodium accumulation in soils, and the negative impacts that sodium creates. CalWet will improve soil structure and the overall growing environment within the rootzone.
  • Moves sodium deeper into the rootzone. CalWet will assist in maximising movement of sodium deeper into the soil, away from the active rootzone. It does this by increasing the uniformity of gypsum coverage and improving the rate and depth of water penetration.
  • Improves water usage, reducing irrigation requirements.
  • Enhances overall plant health and vigour, by limiting water stress and improving nutrient uptake.
  • Ideal for use in renovation activities, particularly where organics are being used which can have hydrophobic characteristics.
 Active ingredient: Block Co-Polymer + Gypsum


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