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Superfly - Probiotic superfood for plants

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70% of food wastage occurs before we see food on our plate, and most usually ends up in landfill. 

When food goes to landfill and rots, it produces methane—a greenhouse gas 30x more potent than carbon dioxide. 

Bardee takes food waste, and feeds it to black soldier fly larvae. This transforms it into nutrient-rich organic fertilisers. 

That's how every kilo of Superfly is offsetting 5kgs of CO2e emissions. 

Superfly - Probiotic superfood for plants

Superfly certified organic fertiliser is packed with beneficial microbes, chitin and nutrients to improve soil health, activate natural plant defences and accelerate plant growth. 

What is a probiotic superfood for plants? 

Superfly is made with unique ingredients from Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) frass and exoskeletons. It's a powerful tool for plant nutrition alive with 240 million beneficial microorganisms per gram, contains 10% chitin and nutritionally beneficial minerals for increased bio-diversity and healthy, well-structured soil. 

Rich source of natural chitin 

The presence of insect chitin triggers the activation of natural plant defences to grow thicker stalks and stems and produce natural toxins which fend off insects that feed on sap and leaves. 

Scientific research has shown chitin: 

Accelerates germination, growth and increases seedling survival; 

Prevents root rot and leads to less pathogenic fungi and nematodes in the soil; 

Improves the proliferation of legume-rhizobia (symbiotic root nodules), supporting the higher capture of atmospheric N. 

Beneficial microbes 

Builds healthy, resilient, bio-diverse soil with 240 million living microbes per gram. 

Boosts natural defences 

Prevents root rot, protects against pathogenic fungi & nematodes and activates plant defences against insect attack. 

Enhances growth 

Improves soil structure and accelerates plant growth with a balance of fast and slow-release nutrients, calcium and 10+ trace elements. 

Soil wetter 

170% moisture holding capacity, and high in organic matter to enhance water penetration, maximise nutrient uptake and increase watering efficiency. 

Suitable for all soil types 

Neutral pH, low in salt and high in humic acid for all soil types, including clay. 


Every tonne of Superfly fertiliser offsets 5 tonnes of CO2 emissions.


100% Black Soldier Fly Larvae Frass and Exoskeletons 

Available As:

Superfly fertiliser ingredients are available as a fine granule, and pellets, in 25L bags, Bulka Bags or by tonne. 

• Pillow bag fine granules 8kg
• Bulk Bag Fine Granules 400kg 
• Pillow Bag Pellets 12.5kg
• Bulk Bag Pellets 600kg

Application Rates:

Horticulture, Viticulture, and Hemp 

Apply 1 tonne per hectare OR 10kg per 100 square metres. 

Spread fine granule or pellets with a fertiliser or compost spreader. 

Lawns, Turf, and Golf courses 

Broadcast 500kg per hectare OR 5kg per 100 square meters. 

Incorporate into the soil if possible. 

Lawns apply in spring and early autumn. 

Flowers, vegetable beds and garden beds 

Apply 100g per square metre and water in. 

Gently incorporate into the soil for best results. 

After planting, top dress by sprinkling a thin layer above the root zone. 

Re-apply as a side dressing every six weeks during the growing season. 

Native shrubs, azaleas, rhododendrons and acid-loving plants 

Starting 15cm from the plant trunk, apply 50g per square metre (higher rate for fast-growing plants) and water in. 

Re-apply in spring and again in autumn. 

Ornamental shrubs & roses 

Starting 10cm from the plant trunk, apply 100g per square metre and water in. 

Re-apply every 6 to 8 weeks from spring until mid-autumn. 

Potted plants 

As a guide, use 15g for a 15cm diameter pot, or 45g for a 30cm pot etc. and water in. 

Re-apply as a top dress by sprinkling a thin layer every six weeks. 

Planting trees and shrubs 

Mix 400g into the soil in the planting hole as it is being filled and water in. 

Or 100g per 20cm pot size, up to 750g for large trees. 

Fruit trees (all types) 

Apply 200g for each year of the tree’s age (up to 3kg), once in spring and again in autumn. 

Place in shallow holes spread over the root area of the tree and water in. 

These are general guidelines. Please adjust application rates for specific use.